stepping stones

A dream irresistible and irrepressible gave birth to Abhinitha. The promoter who was in a senior position in a Nationalised Bank, headed a Housing Society for the officers of the Bank in a humble effort to serve them. Under his dynamic and dedicated leadership, the members had the enviable fortune of owning houses at posh areas like T.Nagar and Guindy in Chennai and Ganapathy in Coimbatore at unimaginably low prices. The promoter, Sri. V. Doraiswamy discovered his life’s mission in the process. He gave up the position in the bank to create VIKAS, a construction firm that was a hallmark of quality melded with honesty.

the organisation

VIKAS, born in 1999, conceived and crafted several housing projects that were a delight to the clientele. Their blessings and patronage provided the impulsion to VIKAS to blossom and prosper as foretold by its name and as predicted by the original dedication that prompted its birth. Its growing size and span made it desirable to switch over to a Private Limited Company with impeccable systems and controls: Abhinitha Foundation Private Limited was registered under the Companies Act in the year 2004.

The Company made great strides. Uncompromising and innovative leadership, proficient and resourceful technical personnel, faithful and loyal workers leave no stone unturned to anticipate and fulfil the needs of customers who have been the motive power behind the Company’s rapid growth. Our completed projects at Chennai and Coimbatore speak for themselves. 20 projects having 520 dwelling units with a built-up area of more than 5.5 lac sq.ft. spread over T.Nagar, Guindy, Mylapore, Mandaveli, Velachery, Madipakkam and Pallavaram in Chennai and Saibaba Colony, Ganapathy and Puliakulam in Coimbatore stand as eternal testimony to the team’s perfect mix of felicitous faculties, exquisitely honed by diligently harvested experience and expertise. 520 proud owners have the profound satisfaction that they have realized their life’s dream.

Time-consciousness is a watchword in Abhinitha. It is known for scrupulously meeting the deadline for its projects. Designing is its speciality. Mellow sunlight and fresh air suffuse every nook and corner of its edifices. Vaasthu is at Abhinitha’s command. Beauty is at its pinnacle in Abhinitha’s innovative designs.

V.Doraiswamy, the Chief Promoter was happy when the organisation he had so lovingly and sedulously sculpted, commenced activity on 27th October 2004.

the genesis and the team

Sri.V.Doraiswamy, Managing Director of the company has rich experience in management and finance, having been moulded for long years in the exacting milieu of a Nationalised Bank in a position that demanded a variety of skills. He invests his precious expertise in steering Abhinitha through protean externals to successfully script and sculpt his creative concepts. The Company’s cardinal virtues of integrity, transparency, quality and restraint in pricing are a resounding echo of his original value system, now ineradicably ingrained into Abhinitha’s corporate culture .

Abhinitha Foundation Private Limited. Under his stewardship 17 projects having 386 units of houses with a built-up area of over 6 lac sq. ft. had come into existence. 386 proud owners of houses derived tremendous satisfaction that they have realized the life dream of owning houses.

Sri.D.Abhishek, Joint Managing Director, adds his insightful vision and profound expertise as a fully qualified in-house Architect. He plans and orchestrates the concretization of dreams. He is a keen and avid follower of latest inventions and innovations in building technology. All the nuances of modern construction are at his command and his outlook is futuristic. Design is his forte and quality is his watchword. Under the magic spell of his vivid visualization, meticulous planning and scrupulous execution, buildings take shape as poetry in concrete. He heads a team of dedicated and experienced engineers. The customer is truly the king in his valuation and he strives to satisfy even the most fastidious. Customers for their part find his counsel valuable and are gratified by his mastery of the entire gamut of the art of architecture from overall design to ultimate minutiae.

Thus at Abhinitha, the wide experience and winnowed wisdom of Age represented by the MD blends pleasantly with the dynamic modernism and futuristic vision of Youth represented by the JMD creating affordable dream-houses for the clients.

Sri.R.D.Sekar,Vice-President (Administration) at Coimbatore has several years of versatile experience and crowning successes behind him. He has masterfully steered and completed several projects in Coimbatore. Buyers confidently look to him for guidance and assistance.

Sri.R.Damodaraswamy, Vice-President (Technical) at Coimbatore has a wealth of experience spanning several decades and covering all aspects and nuances of construction. He is well conversant with state-of-the-art technology and focuses the beam of his luminous expertise even on the minute aspects of construction.

Customer's patronage, feedback and appreciation are powerful motivating factors in the growth and functioning of Abhinitha. In this sense, our precious customers are part of our team. Abhinitha reverently enshrines them in its heart and they reinforce our resolve to ensure perfection.

The Company has successfully completed many projects in Chennai and Coimbatore. The Managing Director, individually and under the Company’s banner has conceived and executed projects at T. Nagar, Guindy, Mylapore, Mandaveli, Velachery, Madippakkam and Pallavaram in Chennai and at Saibaba Colony, Ganapathy and Puliakulam in Coimbatore.