The name VIKAS which means ‘blossoming’, was chosen to harmonize with the sacred sentiments of customers who would expect the buying of their precious homes to be an auspicious harbinger of their continued prosperity. All our projects invariably bear this propitious name as a benediction, prefixed or suffixed to their individual names. It is the first priority of Abhinitha to deliver to the customer what is promised by this name.

advantages of vikas

All decisions are taken from the customer’s viewpoint.

All constructions are designed to harmonize with the tenets of ‘Vaastu’.

Construction is meticulously dovetailed to pre-determined time schedules. Possession is handed over to the buyer on time without any uncertainty or anxiety.

Materials used for construction are of high quality and strictly conform to specified standards.

The structure is meticulously planned to conform to the principles of aesthetics, requirements of comfort, and regulations of the Government and is not amenable to modification; however buyers are given some leverage to customize design and specifications, without affecting the structure and without infringement of regulatory prescriptions.

Each project is individually supervised by experienced professionals - a qualified Engineer and a qualified external Architect - and is also subject to the overarching supervision of the Joint Managing Director who is a qualified Architect.

All projects are commenced only after obtaining the approval of the appropriate Government authorities.

Title to the contemplated site of construction is scrupulously scrutinized through competent lawyers, before Abhinitha purchases land or enters into joint venture agreements. Hence our customers get impeccable title to their houses, without the nagging fear of any future legal complications.

Pricing and payment terms are restrained, competitive and customer-friendly.

on going projects

Completed projects